As the XXI century evolves, society itself will have a bigger participation in auditing the values of every industry’s stakeholders; particularly focused on social, environmental, economical and political subjects.

Founders, directors, collaborators, associates, and workforce in general of any operating company will have to balance purpose and profitability as this relation will play an important role in the enterprise’s consolidation.

We operate as a center of expertise developing opportunities and offering an infrastructure that accelerates access to markets.

Setting standards with their efficient socio-economic-political understanding, workflows and platform vision.


Narval has managed to build an international organization through execution and compromise on our mission of adding value and generating positive impact in each endeavor we propel.

Given our regional approach, Narval has gained local markets insights, while expanding our knowledge and network in a wide array of sectors, enabling us to accelerate the rollout of projects and ventures.

Established in 2013, the Narval Holding Co. consists of a family of companies whose main objective is to participate in disruptive sustainable investments within the Americas.


We continuously invest in the exploration and development of new technologies in order to maximize efficiencies, quality of our services, raise standards and contribute to the overall development of each organization.


Narval believes in unceasing improvement and regularly dedicates time to train our staff and associates. Previous ventures in different sectors and regions permit us to capitalize on the lessons learned when starting projects by using and sharing best practices.


The extensive regional network of Narval facilitates rapid market entry and insights resulting in competitive advantage.


Narval understands that the fate of any company is directly correlated to the quality of its people and its focus on becoming more resilient as time passes. Hence, we will continue developing companies with our mission-first approach and attracting the best talent out there!


Mr. Mario E. Pérez Balladares E. is a graduate from Texas Christian University where he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a Minor in Political Science.

An alumni of Harvard Business School’s Owner / President Management Program, Mr. Pérez Balladares has attended multiple seminaries in well renowned universities concentrated in subjects such as: entrepreneurship, finance, supply chain, technology, control systems, leadership, public policy, amongst others.

Setting standards with their efficient socio-economic-political understanding, workflows and platform vision.